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According to "PARENTS" at,.kids who learn a lot about drugs from their parents, are up to  FIFTY  PERCENT less likely to use drugs. Unfortunately less than one third of teens actually do get their drug education from their parents.
Note: It went on and said, "and this must change". Preventing Drug Abuse Dot Com was created to facilitate this very needed change.
All resources are free so that any parent or mentor my have access to the materials regardless of their family income.
For parents and mentors:
"The Family Insight Drug Abuse Prevention Workshop"
The best drug abuse prevention parenting tool. Providing: "Quality Family Time" of the highest degree with potential long term positive residual returns in health, quality of life, and economic bennifits for the individual, the family, and the rest of the community.
Do not just talk to your children, teach them the truth.
Note: For countries other than the USA, the  International WHO Supplemental Drug Statistics Reports
Illicit Drug Use Data
(PDF file)
Alcohol Consumption 
(PDF  file)
is used in conjunction with the Family Insight Drug Abuse Prevention Workshop. 
Replace the data of the USA with that of your home country if it is in the report.
Phil and Bill Who Found the Pill
a short story for toddlers to begin their drug abuse prevention
For Teachers:
The Pre-Radar School Program (PRSP)
Though the whole school eventully gets involved. This is a execelent activite for all the students to focus on the negitive elements of drug abuse, and the positive side of non-use. For more information and the resources for this program, please 'click' on the Pre-Radar button to download the program.
Is primarily for the Sixth Graders.
For Community Leaders and those who want to
be a Community Leader..
12 week Community Activity Program (CAP)
The CAP was developed for the local community leaders, but may be used by anyone that would like to become a Community Leader, to use the materials in whole or in parts.The resources are free, only the printing cost is incurred by the user. Time to impliment the program is minimal. The posters should be left up the rest of the year.
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